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KneeDeepInCode: In the thick of it.

My Projects

  • Derelict Division (science-fiction comedy web comic)

Follow Lee Ed Wightsnake, Stefen Sexton Eight, Sara H. Frittels, Emily Samantha Rothschild, and the rest of the ever-expanding "Derelict Division", a group of social-challenged twenty-somethings aimlessly travelling the infinite depths of space.

Along the way, they make friends, enemies, disband, make up, re-form, etcetra; all the good (and the bad) stuff in life.

Meanwhile, Joe Copperfresh, a powerful, and corrupt, officer with the Mars police force, attempts to make life very difficult for the team of misfits.

And ever-scheming, rich beyond belief, and evil Jim “Jerk” Hardly, owner of the Jerk’s Ballistic Burger Bar chain of caffiene-infused burgers, throws his money around in an attempt to do evil things, because he’s got nothing better to do!

  • Eye For An Eye (video game, dgafTech-based)

You are Guy Roy. Shot between the eyes by demons summoned to Earth, seperated from your wife at the Gates of Heaven, and left to suffer in Hell itself, amongst the very demons that murdered you.

That was over one year ago.

Left to mourn while being forced into Hell’s slave labor, your human form begins to shift into a more demonic one. Your eyes glow red with hatred. Your raggity clothing turns into a slightly less raggity cape. Your soul, darkened by remorse, drifts freely around what’s left of your human form.

Over time, you try to plan an escape. Just one problem: only two entities can break you free. Neither are seemingly willing to hear your pleas for mercy.

Until now.

As you return to your cell for the night, a beam of light, brighter than a hundred burning suns, fills every corner and every crack of Hell. Emanating from one spot. You.

"Hell, it’s about time!" you exclaim as your now-fully developed demonic form atomizes and flows upwards.

Seconds later, you re-form on Earth itself, still in your demonic body, in the middle of a scortched out farm field.

Hell has invaded in your absense. Heaven wants your help. Save the Earth, and maybe Heaven will give you redemption. And maybe you can see your wife again in Heaven.

“Well that’d be damn nice, wouldn’t it?”

You grab a pitchfork out of a nearby hay bale. It’ll have to do for now, but something tells you the nearby gun shop will have some nice toys to help you get started in liberation.

You are Guy Roy, and there’s going to be Hell to pay!

  • dgafTech (2.5D first person game engine)

Programmed from scratch, cross-platform, and a definitely not vaporware, dgafTech puts the don’t give a f$!# in video game engine technology, by allowing you to modify the system directly from within game, download anything not otherwise blocked from the internet to put in game (or anywhere, really!), and is only limited by operating system and software safeguards. Highly recommended to run in a locked-down, sandboxed environment!

  • Matilda Scripting Language

Intrepreted, C++, C#, Lua and PHP-esque scripting language powered by Lua as a base, and paired with the dgafTech Video Game Engine.

  • The Hatted Hackers (comedy stick-figure web comic)

Random web comic series of whatever comes to mind, mostly with stick figures with colored hats.

  • The Computer Graveyard (comedy web comic)

Join Lucy the Rogue AI, Harold the Xerox Alto, Lisa the Apple Lisa, Samuel the IBM PC, and the rest of the quirky sentient computers as they do stuff and stuff! (FYI: I made episode 1 in like 2013, lost it, and still have the idea stuck in my head. Names NOT licensed or sanctioned by companies. Bite me.)

  • PixelPetPals Desktop and Portable (virtual pet ‘Tamigotchi’-esque app in C#)

Take care of a virtual pet on to go, or on your computer! Feed it, pamper it, love it, or let it parish. Whatever.

  • 2DMaze Left Turn First Maze Solver and .2dm 2DMaze CSV-esque file format (C#)

Sure, the algorithm is usually right-turn first, but would it work in reverse? I dunno. Only one way to find out! Uses a CSV (comma separated values)-style file to layout the mazes. Inspired by Windows 95’s 3DMaze screensaver, but without the 3D!

  • jsOS (Node.js backend + Browser frontend operating system)

Since I have a general distaste for web-infused interfaces, or applications that are just websites in a frame, why not torture myself and make the WHOLE OS A WEBSITE?

  • The XATT Data Storage Project (‘XML ALL The Things’)

A generic XML schema for storing any type of information in XML, using things like base32/base64/base94 encoding (to fit binary data in XML without breaking it), a standard layout/metadata scheme/structure (to make it general-use for any project or program, without being too specific to one use), and other neat tricks.

  • MassBrowserView (completely free to use mass browser test, powered by virtualization, PHP, and donations)

Tired of paying money for testing your website across multiple operating system and web browser combinations? Want to test as many possible versions at once, as per your or your clients requirements? Still want to test Internet Explorer, Netscape, Arachne, Lynx, or other browsers from yesteryear without being complained at? Want to do this as close to bare-metal as possible, using complete virtual machines, with live previewing at your very whim? Again, without having to pay a penny, dime, or nickel?

Look no further! Or at least, you won’t have to…Once It’s Done!™ Whenever that is.®

Testing IE 1.0 on Windows 95 OSR2? Cool. 4.0 on 98? Whatever floats your boat. Safari on MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? Rockin'. Firefox on Linux? Sweet. Konquerer on BSD? Go right ahead. Opera 10.70 on Windows 2000? Why not. IE 11 on Windows 7? You get the idea.

  • The KneeDeepInCode Show (tech- and gaming- oriented livestream)

Once I’m not self-conscious as all heck, maybe this will get off the ground. Or it won’t, I dunno.