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KneeDeepInCode: In the thick of it.

My Devices

HP Workstation Z440

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 v4 4-core 8-thread 3.50GHz (planned to upgrade to an Intel Xeon E5-1680 v4 8-core 16-thread 3.40GHz)
  • RAM: 256GB DDR4-2400MHz (ECC Registered)
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (8GB VRAM)
  • SND: Realtek HD Audio
  • HDD: none
  • SSD: 1TB Samsung 860 Pro SATA SSD + 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD
  • OS: Linux Mint 20 x64 Cinnamon Edition
  • ETC: Samsung S27E330 1920x1080 (FHD, 27 inch) + ASUS VP28UQG 3840x2160 (4K, 28 inch) monitors + ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth Adapter

LDK Game (Horizontal, Yellow)

PowKiddy V90 (Clamshell, Yellow)

ASUS ZenFone Max M1 (phone)