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KneeDeepInCode is a 99% self-taught programmer, technician, and technology consultant, with a focus on programming games and small utility applications.

They refurbish, fix, upgrade and re-sell desktop and laptop computers.

They can program in numerous languages to one extent or another, including: C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C++, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6, BASH script, DOS/Windows Batch script and others.

They also like to make silly digital videos, images and audio clips and share them online.

Their favorite video games are: "Half-Life" by Valve Software; "Ion Fury" by 3D Realms; "Doom" by id Software; "Diablo II" and "StarCraft" by Blizzard Entertainment; & "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor" and "Blood" by Monolith Productions. (had fun with "Blood: Fresh Supply" too!)

Admittedly guilty of vaporware ideas.

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